Mahila Mukti Sanstha

Okani, Hazaribag, Jharkhand, India

Registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI, 1860

having registration No. 866 (United Bihar Govt. Patna) & 37( Jharkhand Govt. Ranchi)

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Mission, Vision & Objectives
Established of an ideal society through enriching the economical, Social, Physical, Mental and Political Status
Our Main Activities
Grass root Organization, Health and Education, Capacity Building, Awareness generation, Skill Development Training
Our Supporting Network
Aman Network, Ibtida3 (CREA), Jumav Manch (Jharkhand), Volentry Health Action for Jharkhand (VHAJ),
Our Executive Members
Actions are taken periodically
against corruption, bribery etc.

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Welcome to Mahila Mukti Sanstha (MMS)...!
Mahila Mukti Sanstha is grass root level women voluntary organization which is concentrating on the issues like the community empowerment, capacity building, skill development, entrepreneurship development, advocacy and awareness development on several selected issues. The key focus and the target groups of the organization is women and girls belonging to the deprived classes mainly SC, ST, OBC and victims of General Classes women. During these programs we promote awareness among the women and girls to improve their health status, economic and social position etc. our organization being a women organization has fought for the causes of the women like dowry deaths, witch hunting, Sexual harassment in work place, Domestic Violence, women and child trafficking and other women related issues. The success of the proposed activities mainly depend on the adoption of appropriate communication strategies, development of plan of action M.I.S. proper monitoring and the evaluation system in the project areas among the backward communities.
Our Projects
Education for life for Dalit girls through Residential / non residential teaching.

Awareness and capacity building and political education.

Strengthening / creating grass – root institutions and of Gram Sabha.

Our Achievements
In 470 villages 85% Dalits are brought to mainstream society through creation / strengthening of grass root institutions / other development activities.

Out of 88% of Dalit girls who had no interest / use of education, 60% are now in the educational system